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"Karen you are truly gifted with your insight and I would recommend you to all my friends, so far you have been my best reader and I mean it!"


"I found my reading with Karen to be extremely insightful and truly think she is gifted with knowledge beyond just what the cards have to say. If you are looking for clarity and in the inner truth behind things or situations Karen is the person to get a reading from."  Mariam - Pakistan

"Karen is the ultimate professional! She not only completed my reading in a timely way but it was incredibly accurate and non-judgemental.  Her writing style is compassionate, yet pointed. She gets to the heart of the issue and doesn't skirt around any of the details.  I wouldn't hesitate to get another reading in the future from her. Thanks again Karen, your reading will help guide me on my journey." Teresa - Canada

"Karen is truly an intuitive reader! First, Karen's reading was delivered in a very timely manner. Second, Karen's reading thoroughly answered my questions and was extremely accurate since it adequately assessed the situation (even touching on points that I just considered the day before my reading was delivered). Finally, another wonderful thing about Karen's reading is that she specifically told me about challenges to consider (by revisiting certain cards and reflecting upon their meanings) to bring about positive change for the future. I am certain that I can move in the right direction after Karen's reading. Thank you again, Karen!" Brooke – Chicago, IL

"Karen's reading was full of warm, nurturing, healing energy and I appreciate the great amount of care she took with it both in the delivery and the presentation."  Sarah – Louisville, KY

“Karen is a gifted tarot reader who helps establish clarity for the client as to what it really is they are asking and provides direction and answers. Karen provides her reading in an easy to read, professional format that is a wonderful example of how much she cares about what she is doing and the service she is providing. I would recommend her!” Kez – United Kingdom

You are the first person I have ever come across who has been able to tell the situation exactly as it is. I will take your advice. Thank you so much I can't express my gratitude towards you in words.” Akansha – Canada

"Wow Karen's reading was very accurate. I was shocked how in tune with not only me but the other person in question she was! I look forward to more readings in the future. Thank you so much!"  D - United States

"I had a reading from Karen, and found her very insightful.  She offered a new and fresh perspective surrounding my questions and life circumstances, and cleverly weaved connections between the cards giving a panoramic view of possibilities and probabilities.  I therefore would recommend her as a reader." Fiona Pansy – UK 

"I was impressed by the accuracy of the reading Karen did for me. She had no knowledge of me whatsoever but was able to identify significant details. The future card was very positive and I wait to see this outcome in my life. I was also impressed that a reading could be done on line. Thanks Karen I wish you all the best with your business in the future."  Sky - UK

"Karen provided keen insight and guidance during a major transition in my life for which I am incredibly grateful. From the selection of the deck to a practical list of activities, the entire reading was both professional and rewarding. She is certainly a gifted tarot reader!” Nate – Delaware, USA 

"Karen's Tarot reading was remarkable. She zoned right to the heart of the issue and unearthed a lot of stuff I knew deep down, but had up until now been hiding from myself! She accurately described my father and my ex partner and gave me tons of useful advice about how to find a way forward. I would highly recommend Karen if you want a deeply personal and in-depth Tarot reading. Alison –   London, UK.

"I've had two readings with Karen. She is an extremely gifted tarot reader and intuitive. She tailors the deck and spread to the situation. Her readings were spot on; she sees through to the heart of the matter, with the utmost of kindness and compassion.  Throughout the reading - using both the cards and her highly developed intuition - she offers guidance and hope, providing an in depth picture of the situation, choices and outcomes depending on those choices.  She has been invaluable during a major turning point in my life. I highly recommend her!"  Ana - Canada

"Your reading was scarily accurate in many ways. I really felt like you had stepped into my energy." Debbie – Worcester, UK 

“The tarot reading I had with Karen was remarkable.  Karen shined some light down a dark path I was going and showed me there is hope. The reading was thorough, customized and profound. Please try it, your inner self will thank you.” Kim – California

"Karen is a gifted tarot reader. She was able to hone into my situation without me having to give her any extra details. Her reading style was very neat and methodical, and covered all possible angles and outcomes. Her advice is very practical and definitive. She is also super-fast. I would definitely recommend her because you will walk away with more than vague directions, you will have a precious piece of advice that you can follow." Vandana India

“I highly recommend Karen's readings. She is a very gifted person and she was spot on in her reading and has generously and lovingly led me through troubled waters and into the light of clarity. A truly cognitive experience.” John – Los Angeles, CA

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